There are resources listed here, organizations on the Internet in which I have memberships and believe are worthy causes. Also found here are website addresses of conventions I am attending or have attended in the past, and links to my favorite authors, artists and friends in fandom.

The links shown below will each open in a new window. Please contact me if any of the links shown below do not work as expected.

Professional Organizations

The Official Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists (ASFA) Webpage
Audubon Society
Brady Campaign
Defenders of Wildlife
National Wildlife Organization
Habitat for Humanity
Smithsonian Institution
Special Olympics Oklahoma
Wilderness Society
World Wildlife Fund


Archon, St. Louis MO
Armadillocon, Austin TX
Bubonicon, Albuquerque NM
Chattacon, Chattanooga, TN
ConClave, Ann Arbor MI
Conestoga, Tulsa OK
ConQuest, Kansas City MO
CONvergence, St. Paul MN
Demicon, Des Moines IA
Duckon, Chicago IL
Fencon, Dallas TX
Orycon, Portland OR
Roc*Kon, Little Rock AR
SoonerCon, Oklahoma City OK
Westercon, Phoenix AZ
Windycon, Chicago IL

Favorite People

Michael Whelan
Larry Elmore
Todd Lockwood
Bruce Sterling
David Cherry
Don Maitz
Carl Lundgren
Bob Eggleton
David Mattingly
Rick Lieder
Kathe Koja
Rachel Caine
Janny Wurts
John Picacio
Melissa Tatum
Rocky Kelley