Thank you for visiting the official website for science fiction and fantasy illustrator David Lee Anderson. I hope you enjoy the galleries of art and will consider giving me feedback on the paintings you see here. I started showing art at science fiction conventions in July 1980 and have met many wonderful fans, artists, writers, editors and publishers over the years. My work has been published nationally and internationally since 1985 and has been purchased by hundreds of art collectors from around the country. I am thankful for you visiting my site, and hope that you enjoy the artwork.


The break I've been taking from science fiction and fantasy convention art shows has stretched to almost three years because of the work I've been doing in fine art, and yet another passion. I've been attending film acting classes and workshops at an amazing facility near me called The Actor Factory, headed by an actor and casting agent named Chris Freihofer. I've always been a crazy, ardent movie fan since I saw my first movie at four years old, "Bridge on the River Kwai" at a drive­in in Oklahoma City from the backseat of my parents' Plymouth station wagon. Many of you have heard me tell you that my favorite movie is "2001: A Space Odyssey", and that's what got me into science fiction illustration. Lately, I am pursuing education in that area as well as painting landscapes, buildings and people for fine art shows. I still do occasional illustrations for SF&F publications, but I'm not pursuing that presently. I will continue to do SF illustration, but after reaching a certain age, I wanted to pursue my dreams in other fields, but don't have the time or energy to do everything. Youth has the advantage of allowing you to think you are invulnerable and can do it all, but I have reached the sensible age that can see my limitations in time and the quality of my work. I love you all, and interact with many of you on social media, so believe me, I am here and will continue to do a variety of artwork for a very long time.

I've been contributing to two books which are themed collections of art. The first is called "Lands & Legends" for a book series called The Fantasy Illustration Library by Michael and Malcolm Phifer. I contributed a realistic version of the Colossus of Rhodes, which was based on archaeological descriptions of what experts in the field think the actual statue might have looked like. Our own Statue of Liberty's design was based on what the scholars have speculated for the original Colossus. That's why Emma Lazarus' poem was called "The New Colossus." Another artist did a version of the fanciful, harbor straddling giant that was invented by medieval scholars and remains in the mind of most people today. In historically accurate speculation, it stood about 100 feet tall, and stood on a round pedestal. I have included my version in the Fantasy gallery on this site. I am currently working on a painting for the second volume, called "Gods & Goddesses". My choice was a Welsh goddess name Ceridwen, whose story was interesting to me. She eventually gave birth to the famous Welsh bard named Taliesin, who's legend had more impact on Welsh art and literature than Ceridwen. Frank Lloyd Wright named his first custom­built architectural studio in Wisconsin for him, and his Arizona studio Taliesin West, based on his mother's Welsh heritage. The books are filled with paintings from the best fantasy artists working today.